home warranties are they worth it

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To decide if a home warranty is worth it or not, first estimate the cost of repairing or replacing your appliances and systems, then compare that to the annual cost of a home warranty plan plus.

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Should you have purchased a home warranty? What is a Home Warranty? Not to be confused with homeowners insurance, which your mortgage lender will likely require you to purchase, a home warranty is an optional one-year contract with a provider to repair or replace major household systems and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear.

One woman who signed up for an extended warranty after seeing a TV commercial told Angie’s List: "Every time I’d call them for a claim, they denied it. They came up with one reason or another. I finally quit paying them." Should You Buy an Extended Warranty? From my research, it doesn’t seem like extended warranties are worth it. Need.

Home warranties can range significantly in cost per household, based on what they cover, what they don’t cover, and the area in which the home is located. Nationally, the average range of a home warranty falls somewhere between $319 and $894 per year .

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Home Entertainment Extended warranties for TVs are almost always a waste of money. Every store will try to sell you an extended warranty "service plan."

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Home warranties are especially common in real estate transactions. A home warranty can help sell a house faster and for a higher price because it provides the buyer with protection against the unknown. Combined with a solid home inspector, a home warranty can give a homebuyer the level of comfort needed to seal the deal.

A home warranty is not the same thing as homeowners insurance, nor is it a replacement for homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance covers major perils such as fires, hail, property crimes and certain types of water damage that could affect the entire structure and/or the homeowner’s personal possessions.

Are Home Warranties Worth It? October 4, 2011 by Toni Anderson. 0 shares. Share; Pin; The other day on Facebook I asked for opinions regarding renewing our home warranty. The majority of people said they would renew their home warranty. I’m still not convinced it is the best deal for us since.

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